Victor Jimenez – Project Manager

Meet Our Team

Victor has been with Ag Installers for over 9 years.  As project manager, Victor takes pride in his ability to optimize every resource he has available on site in order to complete a project on schedule.  One of Victor’s many strengths is his ability to identify and mitigate potential risks of a project.  He is able to anticipate possible problems and scenarios and take preventative measures to help avoid delays and additional costs for the customer.

Victor also has extensive knowledge of all aviary systems that we install at Ag Installers.  Quality is our top concern, and you will always spot Victor walking the aisles or your project to make sure every item is installed properly.  Victor shares that his favorite part about working at Ag Installers is the culture.

“It not only defines how we work, but influences how proud we are of the work we do.  I feel proud to be apart of the Ag Installers team.”


My area of ​​expertise includes managing construction projects specifically geared toward the installation and commissioning of cage-free systems for birds. Here are some ways I bring value to our clients:

  • Specific Project Management Experience – I have technical and logistical knowledge of the installation of Cage-Free Systems that allows me to manage projects efficiently.
  • Resource Optimization – As a Project Manager, I optimize the use of resources such as labor, materials and time, and processes ensuring that the project is completed within the established budget and schedule and above all meets the bird date.
  • Risk Management – Identifying and mitigating risks is crucial in these projects, especially with the impacts on the supply of Materials. My ability to anticipate possible problems & scenarios and take preventive measures helps avoid delays and additional costs for the client.
  • Effective Communication – I maintain clear and constant communication with all stakeholders, including clients, other contractors and suppliers, to ensure that everyone is aligned with the project objectives and decisions are made in the best interest of all.
  • Quality and Safety – I manage high quality standards in the installation and comply with safety regulations, with constant supervision ensuring that these requirements are met, always promoting customer satisfaction and the positive reputation of Ag Installers.

Ag Installers has provided me with significant opportunities for my family including:

      • Employment and economic stability
      • Access to healthcare services in the USA
      • Education for my children who can study and learn English
      • Professional and personal development – I have had the opportunity to work in different roles within the organization which has allowed me to increase my experience and skills
      • Social and legal stability – Under the TN Visa program I can legally reside in the United States, in addition to having the opportunity to apply for permanent residence for myself and my family

When I’m not working, I enjoy really enjoy spending time with my family outdoors, reading books on productivity and leadership, and especially watching a good movie on the weekends with my children.